Block design
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Customised Blocks
MOQ for dated blocks - 500 pcs, MOQ for notebooks and undated blocks - 300 pcs. You can place your logo and contact details on any standard block of the FREESTYLE collection or print a block in your individual style.
Block Design and Content
Dated diaries are great traditional gifts for the New Year’s. At other times of the year, an undated diary can be given on any occasion as it can be started off on any day. Those who prefer all the weekdays to be on two pages can choose a week to view diary or planner. Our designers have developed various colour options for the block design, which meet all the ergonomic requirements, are user friendly and highly functional:
  • Classic (grey + burgundy);
  • FreeNote – blocks with square back, rounded corners, ribbon page marker and no footband. Hard covers without foam (grey).
All the blocks are printed on high quality white or tinted offset paper 70 g/m2 thick, stitched or spiral-bound, with or without corner perforation – according to the product line.
The most commonly used sizes are 15x21 cm and 15.5x21 cm. These are very suitable for planning your work and spare time. Medium size makes it possible to bring your diary to meetings (as it does not take much space yet is very capacious). If you spend a lot of time in the office you might find big weekly planners of 20x26 cm or notebooks of 20.5x27 cm more appropriate. Regular or covered spiral planners of 33x15 cm will not occupy much space on your desk. 10x16 cm and 10.5x16 cm sizes are suitable for those who often have meetings and business trips as these diaries easily fit into a small handbag. The notebooks of 9x13 cm and 8,5x13 cm can be carried even in your pocket.
The content of a standard block
The standard block of a diary can contain a map of your country (on the front leaf), a map of Europe (on the end leaf) and extensive reference material on the first pages of the block, such as:
  • Personal details;
  • Calendar for several years;
  • Temperature and speed scales;
  • Roman numerals;
  • Various information on the countries;
  • Shoe and clothing size charts;
  • World atlas.