Marzipan Books will create a diary of your dream
Marzipan Books Ltd. is a modern technology company operating in a number of European countries. We specialise in the production of functional and fully customised diaries with unlimited opportunities for personalisation. Our solutions are capable of meeting the needs and wishes of any customer. A full range of personalisation options can contribute significantly to the company's image and brand visualization. A remarkable marketing effect is achieved through both feelings and mind, as every owner of a Marzipan Books product enjoys it at a sensory level. We can adapt and transfer most of your designs to our covers and internal blocks and personalise any part of a diary by means of various modern techniques and effective production processes. Marzipan books will create a diary of your dreams. Succeed in your business and manage your time for precious moments together with marzipan books! Marzipan Books produces fully personalised and customised diaries, notebooks, sticky note pads, business accessories, etc. A wide range of personalisation options can produce an incredible effect on the image and brand visualisation of your company. A large selection of standard blocks (more than 14 types) and hundreds of cover materials enables us to create a fully individual product line for the needs of your company. Contact our representative to get samples and create a product of your dreams.
Solutions for customisation
Interior individualisation:
  • A selection of more than 16 standard paper blocks;
  • Optional manufacture of completely individual paper blocks (orders from 500 pcs);
  • Individual end leaves, promo pages, branded single and double page markers, promo page markers, etc.
Exterior customisation:
  • An opportunity to select any combination of materials and customise their design by using standardised types of personalisation or fully individualised design solutions;
  • Branding and printing on the cover, individualisation of elastic closures, edge printing and many other options!